Shipping & Delivery

When it comes to the shipping and delivery of our exceptional Wall Art, we understand the eagerness with which you await your beloved Wall Art, and that's why we prioritize a seamless and timely delivery process. Rest assured that every piece of Wall Art in our collection will be swiftly shipped within a span of 3-5 days. Yes, you read that correctly – swift shipping is our promise to you. And what's more, we believe in providing an exceptional shopping experience, which is why we proudly offer free shipping for each and every one of our exquisite Wall Art pieces.

As for our other product lines, they hail from various factories located throughout the world. We believe in curating a diverse collection that encapsulates global craftsmanship and unique perspectives. For instance, our watches, renowned for their timeless allure, are shipped directly from China. Delivery times for these exquisite timepieces may vary depending on your location, typically ranging between 12-25 days. We understand that patience is a virtue, and we assure you that the wait will be worth every second when you finally hold these remarkable accessories in your hands.

At, we take great pride in our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your Wall Art is produced with precision and delivered promptly from our U.S. factories. We extend this commitment to excellence to our other product lines, curating a diverse range of masterpieces that traverse borders and captivate the senses. Join us on a global journey of artistry, where every piece is imbued with the spirit of its place of origin.

We use only the best and most efficient delivery services and guarantee the prompt and safe delivery of each and every item ordered.